Aussie author Sarah Wilson goes big for WBR

Sarah Wilson is an Australian journalist, television presenter, blogger, media consultant and author of the best-selling book I Quit Sugar. She’s also a philanthropist, and we were thrilled when she became ambassador for WBR Australia in 2018!

“When I closed my business, I said I was donating the profits to charity and the freed-up time to working on good projects. I’ve looked into a bunch of charitable projects. I swiftly became the (World Bicycle Relief) ambassador to help the global charity kick big goals.

“And here’s the thing. Whatever I raise via my fundraising page, I will match it, dollar for dollar. Bam! My current goal is to raise AUD$30,000 via my fundraising page, and once that is achieved, I’ll match it. And voila – we raised money to fund 2 schools with Buffalo Bicycles!”

Earlier this year, Sarah and her community reached their impressive goal! Fundraising totals hit AUD$30,000 – which Sarah then matched. In total, they’ve raised AUD$60,000 to fund bicycles and programming for two schools in need.

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing The Power of Bicycles with your community and helping to raise up two more communities lacking access to transportation and education. The impact will be felt for years to come.

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