Dairy Farmer Goes Stronger With His Buffalo Bicycle

Esawo, a 59-year-old Malawian dairy farmer, carried 5 liters of milk on his head to the milk collection center every day for almost 4 years.

As a father of 10, Esawo depends on his cows and milk sales to take care of his family and send his children to school. He became a dairy farmer because it offered a source of stable income, regardless of the time of year.

But if the milk he carried tested sour at the cooling center, Esawo lost his profits for the day. If it rained, he risked slipping in the mud and destroying the milk.

The Buffalo Bicycle changed all of that.


“I have benefited quite a lot and made a lot of profits in my milk business through this Buffalo Bicycle,” Esawo says. ”I am able to cycle just 10 minutes from home to the collection center.”

In a region where distance is a barrier to earning a livelihood, a sturdy, reliable bicycle offers the opportunity to increase capacity and net worth. In turn, the entire family – and community – see the benefits.

In the few short months since receiving his Buffalo Bicycle, Esawo has doubled the amount of milk he sells. The short ride to the center reduces the risk of souring or accidents.

Go means building my business and providing for my family.

Dairy Farmer

He also takes his daughters to school by bicycle, ensuring they arrive early and ready to learn. Esawo carries goods to and from the market by bicycle, as well.

And sometimes, Esawo just gets on his Buffalo Bicycle and goes … for fun.

“When people see me riding this Buffalo, I think they know that this is even more than a bike. The bicycle is leading me towards fulfilling my desires.”

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