How bicycles have changed Palabana Market

Business booms in Chongwe District, Zambia. Palabana Market is a bustling commercial hub in a rural community, where shoppers can purchase everything from produce to household goods. Merchants at this market have discovered how Buffalo Bicycles help them grow their businesses and transform their lives. We’re spotlighting the remarkable stories of Joseph, a welder; Enalise, a farmer; and Dickson, a poultry farmer.

Joseph now transports more than 175 lbs of steel per trip – and he doesn’t have to wait for the bus or pay for excess baggage. Joseph, a welder, lives in Palabana and owns a shop in Palabana Market. He crafts all sorts of metal construction components, particularly window and door frames. Joe’s business requires large amounts of steel, but his nearest source is 25 miles away in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

Farmers like Enalise use Buffalo Bicycles to transport produce to the Palabana Market, making a profession, an income, and self-sufficiency possible.

Dickson, a poultry farmer with a butcher shop at the Palabana Market, purchased his first Buffalo Bicycle in 2012. Before then, he could only raise 200 chickens at a time, because it was so difficult to transport them to the market. He has expanded his farm to 1,500 birds, and uses four Buffalo Bicycles to bring them to market (and haul chicken feed back to his farm). In addition to expanding his farm, Dickson has also grown his shop at Palabana Market. Now he has up to 500 chickens ready for sale!

Communities like Palabana flourish when residents have access to strong, reliable bicycles like the Buffalo Bicycle. Farmers are better able to transport milk, produce and meat to market, and the success of entrepreneurs is no longer limited by distance or the weight of their products.

WBR will continue to help entrepreneurs and family businesses finance Buffalo Bicycles to create opportunity and increase income.

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