Reaping the rewards of the Buffalo Bicycle

“This bicycle is helping me, my family, and my community.” 

As one of World Bicycle Relief’s Buffalo Bicycle test riders, Mercy plays a crucial role helping World Bicycle Relief’s product development team in Kisumu, Kenya, test, refine and improve new bike features. 

She’s currently testing a game-changing technology. One that represents a giant leap forward in productivity. And we can’t wait to tell you more about…down the road. 

In exchange for her valuable insights, Mercy uses her Buffalo Bicycle to help build her small business selling eggs, while serving her family and her community. 

Mercy’s business raising hens and selling their eggs in town is growing thanks to the help of her bicycle. 

“I normally take the children to school. And I am also a business lady.” says Mercy. “Now, when I am going to distribute my produce, I can use the Buffalo. In only five hours, I’ve already finished all my work,” she says. 

Which means she can also pick up her children from school and continue with her day. 

Before the bicycle, Mercy used to carry 2-5 trays of eggs on her head, walking to sell her goods. She’d manage to do this just once a day. Now, she’s able to sell 100 trays a week by carrying more goods on her bike and making two trips each day. Her business increased nearly 25%.

Mercy isn’t the only one who benefits. Her family also uses the bicycle. “My older children know how to ride,” she says, “so when I am too tired and not using the bike myself, I will send them on errands.” 

In fact, Mercy says the entire community reaps the rewards of the Buffalo. 

“In my community, a lot of people are using this bicycle. It has enabled a lot of students to go to school – and also the parents use the bicycles to run errands and do business. This bicycle has really helped my community.” 

The community also admires Mercy, counting on her for her eggs and respecting her hard work.

“The Buffalo bike, it means a lot to me,” says Mercy. “It has already helped me a lot. If more people have the Buffalo Bicycle then it helps everyone.”

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