The Power of Kids: Young WBR Supporters

An incredible amount of World Bicycle Relief’s biggest supporters and fundraisers are kids. Their creativity, innocence and unhindered excitement gives them incredible ideas and means of connecting with others about the Power of Bicycles, kids and adults alike. Today, we want to share about some of those awesome kids who have given hours, days, years to spreading the message of World Bicycle Relief and supporting its cause.

While we can’t highlight every fundraiser, we wanted to share a couple reflecting the Power of Kids:

Seventh Grader Gets Creative for WBR: Seventh grader Olivia Najarian of Dexter, Mich., made and sold gifts on Etsy to benefit WBR’s work, and wrote an award-winning essay to share about the Power of Bicycles. Great job, Olivia! A Fundraiser, an Essay, and Crafty Wire Bikes



Griffin Donovan Goes to Serious Lengths for WBR: Griffin is one of WBR’s biggest and youngest fans. At age 9, he rode his bike to school on his own every day for a year to promote the cause. A few years later, he gave a daily presentation about WBR’s work during a local schools tour. Thanks, Griffin! Check out this video about Griffin’s efforts


Mea Rides 285 Miles for WBR: Mea Cleathro, age 9, is a keen cyclist from North Shields who rode 285 miles in February 2016 and raised several thousand dollars for WBR. Great job, Mea! Learn About Mea’s Ride



12-year old Maggie Hosts Walk for Wheels: Maggie Elliott has hosted two annual events to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief, providing fun and affordable activities for kids and families alike, and working hard to provide bicycles to those in need of life-changing transportation. Thanks, Maggie! Second Annual Walk for Wheels Gains Traction


Elena’s Batmitzvah Benefits WBR: From Pittsburgh to DC, Elana Hochheiser transformed her batmitzvah into a “Bikemitzvah” and took on a 330-mile ride to celebrate, create a personal challenge and to share about WBR’s work. Way to go, Elena! Batmitzvah to Bikemitzvah



Year Six Students Raise Thousands: Swiss cycling duo Anna and Mike partnered with the local Year 6 class at St. George’s School for a series of exciting events to support WBR and raised over $12,800. Thanks, St. George’s students! Swiss Duo Inspires Dual Fundraisers



Bryn Davies Tours for WBR: In South Wales, 12-year-old Bryn Davies rode 93 miles as a fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief, raising over $1,000 for the cause. Well done, Bryn! Learn More About Bryn’s Ride




As you can see, people of all ages and locations use their skills and talents to share the Power of Bicycles. A special thanks to all of our young supporters. Keep up the great work!
Are you a student or teacher who wants to make an impact?