Father Builds A Better Future For His Family

Caiphas Nkhande, 42, is a loving father and savvy businessman who owns and runs a small shop in Katende Market in Chongwe District, 20 km outside of Lusaka, Zambia. He was the first intrepid merchant to open in Katende Market, building his shop’s structure by hand. Other businessmen soon followed; today, there are 12 shops in the roadside respite. He has transformed his shop from a small stand that sold only woven baskets into a full-fledged convenience store carrying everything from bread, eggs, sugar and oil to soft drinks, hairpieces and clothing essentials.

The expansion of Caiphus’s business has brought a great opportunity to his family: now he is saving up the funds necessary to put his son through college. As his business grew, transporting goods on foot became difficult. So Caiphus purchased a bike from Albert Sinkoye, World Bicycle Relief’s first authorized retailer of Buffalo Bicycles. And now he uses his Buffalo Bicycle to carry goods on a daily 12km round trip, from wholesalers to his storeroom and back again.

We asked Caiphus how the Buffalo Bicycle has revolutionized his business and put his son’s dreams within reach. Here’s what he had to say:

How do you use your bike?
The bicycle makes my work much easier. I use my bicycle so many times in a day, every day, and it hasn’t given me any problems. I carry about 60kg sugar, 50kg salt and many cases of drinks. I’ve added a front carrier for light items and added reflectors to my spokes because the road I travel is very busy.

How has the bike helped your business?
The bicycle has helped me carry much more and given me huge profits as my client base grows. Without the bicycle, I wouldn’t be where I am now. My hope is to keep my business growing so that I can continue to help my son in school. The bike is helping a lot.

How do you spend any extra time you now have from having a bike?
I use the same bicycle for my leisure, which makes me fit and is good for my health. I also use it to get to church to attend services.

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