Building a Business on the Back of a Buffalo

“What I’m doing, and I’ve done it for so many years, is supplying bread. The shops are not in one particular place, they are in various places. These roads are not in good condition. When I use a Buffalo Bicycle, the bicycle is helping me because I can penetrate through these bad roads.”

Jackton, who became one of World Bicycle Relief’s test riders in Kisumu, Kenya, in 2011, provides invaluable feedback on the Buffalo Bicycle. Since then, he’s purchased an additional four bicycles, which he uses daily as the owner of four businesses, including bread-selling. .

Reliability is the name of the game for Jackton. The bread has to reach his customers in time for them to sell it during the busy hours at market.

“This bicycle is durable. This bicycle is strong. I don’t use a lot of force. I’m moving comfortable to my destination.”

Jackton says that before owning a Buffalo, he rode an “ordinary” bicycle, which broke down often and got stuck in the mud.

“A businessman is expected to plan for the future. You plan for your own future. You plan for the future of your family. I’m doing it just because of this bicycle.”

On bikes, more people can build their businesses and support their communities. Will you help support economic opportunity for those who need it most?

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